Juliana Gontijo

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  • ISEA2018

    Juliana Gontijo is a researcher, curator and adjunct professor at the Federal University of Southern Bahia. PhD in History and Theory of Arts from the University of Buenos Aires, she has a bachelor degree in Film Studies from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University (Paris). In 2014, she published the book Technological Dystopias (Ed. Circuito / Funarte Stimulus Award for Critical Production). She was editor of Ediciones Portunhol, a project of independent publications with Latin American artists and authors launched in 2017 by Casa Tomada-SP. In 2018-2019, she was part of the selection team of the 21st Biennial of Contemporary Art Sesc_Videobrasil. Among the curatorial projects are: Cildo Meireles: Cerca de Lejos, an exhibition that was part of the BienalSur (Cerrillos National Center for Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile, 2019); Conversations in Gondwana (PROAC-SP Award, São Paulo Cultural Center, 2019 / co-curated by Juliana Caffé); Dura lex sed lex, selected to join BienalSur (Parque de España Cultural Center, Rosario, Argentina, 2017 / co-curated by Raphael Fonseca); Territory, Settlement (C.LAB/Blau Projects Award, São Paulo, 2016 / co-curated by Gabriel Bogossian) and Stable instability (Project Season Award, Paço das Artes, São Paulo, 2014).


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  • Brazil

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