Juri Hwang

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    Juri Hwang is a media artist, researcher and currently a PHD candidate in Interdisciplinary Media Arts and Practice in University of Southern California, USA. Her research focuses on sonic culture and the role of media in the formation of memory. Engaging in an analysis of the cultural shifts of media usage and technologies she investigates the relationship between means of representation and how we perceive and remember. Through the analysis of still images, moving images, stereoscopic 3D images and sound, her work develops a sensitivity toward the artifacts that media introduce into our perceptual relationship to our environment. Her work includes the award winning project “Bleeding Through Layers of Los Angeles: 1920-1986”, “Three Winters in the Sun: Einstein in California” and “Venture to the Interior.” Juri’s current projects comprise “Somatic Echo,” an embodied sonic experience engaging bone conducted sound, and “Nightfield,” a sound installation exploring the immersive and embodied nature of sonic memory.

    Andreas Kratky & Juri Hwang, USA


    Juri Hwang. Born in Korea, Juri Hwang lives and works in Los Angeles as an independent filmmaker, media artist, and sound designer. Her work focuses on film and other media projects dealing with cultural issues as she explores the relationship between fiction and documentary. In Korea Hwang was involved into the curation and organization of the Korean Short Film Festival and the Sphinx Film Festival – Feminism Film Fest & Symposium.  Hwang worked as a researcher and independent artist with the research initiative The Labyrinth Project at the University of Southern California, where she was involved into the creation of the interactive project “Bleeding Through – Layers of Los Angeles 1920-1986”, as well as “Three Winters in the Sun – Einstein in California”. Her current work comprises the short film “Okja Kim’s Way Home” and the interactive project “Venture to the Interior”. Her work has been screened and exhibited internationally.

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  • Los Angeles, California, United States of America

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