Kate Geck

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  • ISEA2020

    Kate Geck is an artist interested in network culture and the connections between humans and technology. She works with code and textiles to create interactive surfaces and immersive spaces. Through her PhD, she is researching somatic XR and the idea of attentive design. These are extended reality (XR) experiences that reimagine human computer interaction to mindfully engage the body, drawing on somaesthetics. These experiences hope to offer an alternative to ‘attention-extracting’ design systems, which can often modulate anxiety through consumptive content loops and stress or minimise the physical body. She has exhibited locally, online, and abroad, with funding and commissions from a range of organisations. She is presently an Industry Fellow in the Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.


    Kate Geck is an installation artist working with digital and sensory space. In particular, the ways technology can skew and mask sensory experience, and the differences between mediated and non-mediated immediacy. Her absorptive installations are sensorially overloaded with colour and AV texture, featuring acrylic sculpture, kaleidoscopic projections and augmented, digitally printed substrates. Based in Melbourne, Australia she is a CCD artist at Artful Dodgers Studios and lectures in Illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic.

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  • Melbourne, Australia

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