Kathrine Elizabeth Anker

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    Kathrine Elizabeth Anker is a writer, a cultural theorist, and an independent researcher. She holds a Master in Modern Culture and Cultural Communication from the University of Copenhagen, and is currently a PhD student at the Center of Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts, Planetary Collegium, Plymouth University, UK. She has published numerous articles mainly concerned with technoetic arts and consciousness with a focus on embodiment. Her current project carries the title: Subject and Aesthetic Interface – an inquiry into transformed subjectivities. The project is concerned with questions of how artistic mixed- and augmented reality interfaces can be seen as communicational forms that appeal to transformed ways of understanding the human subject. She places a particular emphasis on the noetic side of the human mind, and combines approaches related to the natural, the human and the social sciences. Kathrine’s work is transdisciplinary, philosophical and speculative. It integrates Philosophy of Science, Cybersemiotics (Brier, 2008), biosemiotics, and case studies of Interactive Art Installations in an original way.Kathrine is also educated as a Pedagogue of Music and Movement, with an emphasis on the relation between sensory-motor skill, perception and intellectual processes in learning situations. This adds a practical background relating to the phenomenological questions involved in the project.

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