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    Kevin Murray is a freelance writer/curator currently working on a book about digital atavism entitled Shock of the Old. In 1992, he was awarded a PhD from the University of Melbourne for a thesis in nar­rative psychology, Life as Fiction. While continuing to work in this area, he now focuses on the link between emerging digital cultures and traditional crafts. Matters of Substance is a series of articles about the status of clay, glass, stone, metal and fibre in an immaterial age.This series and arti­cles about automatic doors, barcodes, smiles, marathon runners and dentists are available online ( His curatorial method is speculative. Exhibitions touring Australia raise questions such as, “What if someone else colonized Australia?”, “Are there hidden links between professions and crafts?”, “Is the art gallery a courtroom?”. Online versions of these exhibitions are avail­able at the above address. He is currently organizing Crack the Binary (ode, a conference on multimedia criticism for Melbourne 1-2 Nov

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