Kwangyun Wohn

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  • ISEA2019

    Kwangyun Wohn is currently Chair at National Council of Science & Technology (South Korea). In the past, he has been with several institutions so far; Agency for Defense Development (for 5 years), Harvard University, USA (for 2 years), University of Pennsylvania, USA (for 4 years), and KAIST, South Korea (for 27 years). Major activities and accomplishments include: Director of VR Research Center which is a national center of research excellence, Founding President of Korean Society of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Founding President of Korean Society of Performing Art, Editorial Board of British Computer Society, and Founding Dean of Graduate School of Culture Technology at KAIST. While his research interests span a broad range of the intersection between art and science – from theoretical aspects to practicalities – he focuses his research efforts to the application of virtual reality technology to various cultural artifacts such as stage performances, museum exhibitions, heritage, fashion, and educational contents.

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  • Korea

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