Laurel Woodcock

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    Laurel Woodcock is an artist and writer living in Montreal. After obtaining her MFA at NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) in 1992, she returned to Montreal where she cur­rently teaches in the Interdisciplinary Studies Programme at Concordia University and the Cinema Communications Programme at Dawson College. She likes to think of her work as sentimental conceptualism, where the slippery subtexts of popular culture and technology are investigated from affec­tive and humorous states. Utilizing archaic recordings of pop­ular songs, the iconic laughter of a female sit-corn star (Roseanne), pulp horoscopes, and interactive phone lines, her work participates in the pleasure of such vernacular, while critiquing the reduction of emotional states and eco­nomic needs to the equivalent of sound bytes.

Last Known Location:

  • Montreal, Canada

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