Leci Maria Augusto

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  • ISEA2011

    MSc. Leci Maria Augusto. Artist-educator, Msc. in Art and Technology from the University of Brasilia, Brazil, PhD candidate in the research and Technoscience in Art at the University of Brasilia / PPG – Art/ Lart/Gama, under the guidance of PhD. Diana Domingues.The doctoral research turns to exploration, understanding and practice of artistic-scientific landscape transformations. The landscape is understood as the space of experience dominated by the embodiment of the subjects and objects. Physically, the body inhabits the space that it is. To be is to become a matter of corporal space. Thus, the space is part of the body. Body and space are blended, mixed, impregnated. The sensório-motor apparatus is on the landscape, space for anthropic proposal, as Peter Anders’s (2003) purpose, based on human experience in the body, between the space and information. The research involves studies on the imagined geography, geotagging, data visualization and environment art.

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