Louis-Philippe Demers


  • McGill University and Centre for Art and Media (ZKM)

Job Title:

  • Engineer and Professor


  • ISEA2010

    Louis-Philippe Demers makes large-scale robotic environments and interactive media artworks. He was Professor at the HfG/ZKM and currently is at the Interaction and Entertainment Research Centre at the NTU (Singapore).


    Louis-Philippe Demers is a lighting designer and software engineer. He completed one year of doctoral studies in robotics (McGill University) and was artist in residence at The Banff Centre (Media Arts). Louis-Philippe is the presi­dent of Kunst Macchina Production, a firm specialized in lighting and show control systems. He works in the elec­tronic art field on interactive robotic projects and interac­tive performances.


    Born in Montreal in 1959, he is a lighting designer, software engineer and independent electronic artist. His main works are audio-visual robotic installations and interactive performances. He completed one year of doctoral studies in robotics (McGill) and was artist-in-residence at The Banff Centre (Media Arts).

Current Location:

  • Montreal, CA

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