Luca Simeone

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  • ISEA2011

    Luca Simeone teaches design anthropology and interaction design at La Sapienza University and Ateneo Impresa Graduate Business School in Rome, Italy. He has published reviews and articles on design anthropology and ethnographic methods applied to design practices. He co-edited the books Beyond Ethnographic Writing (Armando, 2010) and REFF (DeriveApprodi, 2010) exploring new narratives that combine traditional writing with augmented reality technologies. In 2009 he founded FakePress, a think tank exploring the future of publishing and in 2011 he was a research affiliate with the SENSEable City Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge MA, USA. He is also the founder and user experience director of Vianet, a digital design agency based in Rome, Doha and Toronto. Since being founded in 1999, Vianet has created high-impact and award-winning products for select international clients, applying ethnographic methods to design practice. As a creative team manager, Luca has developed more than 500 web projects for Clients such as MTV, Nintendo, Playstation, United International Pictures, Dior, Italian Prime Minister, the Government of Singapore, and the Eternal Gandhi Museum, among others. His agency’s projects have won several international awards and have been frequently mentioned in books and magazines world-wide. He works as independent expert for the European Commission and for the German Aerospace Center.

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