Luke Jerram

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  • ISEA2002

    Luke Jerram is a British colour blind artist, who fuses his sculptural practice with his Scientific and perceptual studies. Since the success of his first major work “Retinal Memory Volume” which included shows at, EMAF 97, ISEA98, Cyber 98-Lisbon, he has since developed two new works. MATRIX is a development upon his first work and uses retinal afterimage technology to create 3-dimensional objects within the mind of a viewer. He has patented the technology and is looking to develop its use within the lighting industry. His latest work -Tide – is a live kinetic sound installation based on the principles of the ‘Music of the Spheres’. Using a gravity meter the work changes with the varying gravitational pull of the moon. Luke has recently been awarded a prestigious NESTA fellowship in the UK to pursue his studies of empty space and perception.



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  • England, GB


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