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  • Manifest.AR is an international artists group working with emergent forms of mobile augmented reality as interventionist public art, using this new art medium to transform public space and challenge institutional structures. Geolocating 3D computer graphic artworks at selected sites, they respond to and overlay the physical locations with new meanings, pushing the boundaries between the real and the virtual. Collectively and individually, Manifest.AR members exhibit and intervene around the world. After their pathbreaking intervention at MoMA NY in 2010 they set their sights on the Venice Biennial, creating the artworks that are mirrored in the Kasa Gallery exhibition „Not There“ during the ISEA2011 Istanbul. Participating artists are: Sander Veenhof, John Cleater, Mark Skwarek, Naoko Tosa, John Craig Freeman, Will Pappenheimer, Lily & Honglei, Tamiko Thiel.

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