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    Marco Mancuso is a new media art critic, curator, editor and teacher, expert of the impact of digital technologies on art, design, culture and contemporary society.Founder and Director at Digicult project and Digimag magazine, Marco Mancuso focuses his researches on the connection between sound, light, image & space, with an historical/theoretical point of view, among a cross-disciplinary territory crossing art, cinema, music, design, architecture & science. With the art-agency Digimade he is working for international art festivals, galleries, cultural and media centers as guest curator and media partner, organizing exhibitions and cross media events, workshops, meetings, performance and screenings and promoting, among others, Italian live media & live cinema artists. As Digicult director, Marco Mancuso has been also expertising and skilling in the last years on networking strategies, online marketing & comunication developments and web 2.0 editing & journalistic activities. His interviews and critical texts can be read on Digimag archive, while his essays were published in festival and exhibition catalogues, and lectures and presentations he joined, both nationally and internationally.Marco Mancuso regularly teaches “Multimedia Art Languages” at NABA-New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and “Audiovisual Design” at IED-European Institute of Design in Milan. He is also invited as guest lecturer and teacher of “New Media Art, Design & Culture” to seminars and workshops at academies and labs in Italy and Europe (like Transmedia-Brussels, Politecnico-Milan, Vasa Project…). Marco Mancuso is official member of Kernel Festival and Celeste Prize international juries.

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