Mare Tralla

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  • Estonian Academy of Arts

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  • ISEA2009

    Mare Tralla (EE/UK) is an Estonian-born media artist and organiser who lives and works in London. Currently she is a PhD student at the University of Westminster

    ISEA 2004

    Programme chair, ISEA2004 Tallinn
    Mare Tralla is interdisciplinary artist, organiser and activist. Graduated Estonian Academy of Arts Department of Painting (BA 1995) and received an MA in hypermedia from the University of Westminster, London in 1997. Mare Tralla’s professional art career started in Estonia in the early 90s, where she became one of the leading interdisciplinary artists of the younger generation. Drawing from her personal history and everyday experience her practice was in direct critical response to how the transition period of East-European societies affected women. She was one of the very few conducting a feminist revolution in the field of contemporary art in Estonia. She employs and combines variety of media, from video, photography, performance and painting to interactive media. As an activist she is involved with Act Up, London, No Pride in War coalition and LGSMigrants. Her recent socially engaged performative projects deal with queer experiences, gender issues, HIV stigma, investigate sustainability and economics. Her curatorial practice include: the first Estonian feminist exhibition Est.Fem (1995 co-curated, with Eha Komissarov, Reet Varblane), a touring Estonian-British feminist exhibition “Private Views” (1998-99), accompanied by a book “Private Views: Spaces and Gender in Contemporary Art from Britain and Estonia” (eds. Angela Dimitrakaki, Pam Skelton, Mare Tralla, WAL, 2000), the programme chair for ISEA2004 in Tallinn.


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  • Estonia

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