Megan Heyward

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    Megan Heyward, University of Technology, Sydney


    Megan Elizabeth Heyward is an award winning digital media artist and academic working at the intersection of narrative and new technologies. She works across multiple media and formats; using video, audio, textual and interactive elements to shape artworks for interactive media, installation, electronic hypertext, mobile and location based media. Megan is currently undertaking a PhD exploring pilgrimage and spatial narrative, and how these may resonate with locative media practices, particularly works revealing location based histories. Megan is a Senior Lecturer in Media Arts in the Faculty of Arts and Social Scieneces at the University of Technology, Sydney, AU.


    Megan Heyward is an Australian new media artist and educator. With video, sound, text and interactivity, she writes in new media. ‘of day, of night’ (2001), has been exhibited in Australia and Europe, and was a finalist in the 2002 Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature. It was developed in association with the Australian Film Commission and UTS. Megan’s previous interactive work ‘I Am A Singer’ (1 997), has been widely exhibited internationally; including Transmediale, Viper, VideoBrasil, the FCMM, (all 1998) and Contact Zones (1999). Megan is a Senior Lecturer for the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, UTS.

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