Megan Young

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  • ISEA2016

    Megan Young or MegLouise (USA) believes that physicality is our most potent resource and she includes it as an essential ingredient in all her work. She craves sensation, gain insight from interaction, and understand that effort makes her stronger. These virtues inform MegLouise’s deeply personal, highly sensitized movement pieces. Physicality has a power beyond the purely visual realm. It comes with implications of consent or resistance. When physically consenting, without thought, to the structures and systems around us, we lose agency; our actions can lose potency. MegLouise’s work highlights the moments of choice in everyday actions, common habits, and social practices. She recognizes walking, sitting, waiting, and greeting as trained communicative actions. She appreciates the living codes embedded in even the smallest actions and share that reverence through an interdisciplinary arts practice. MegLouise ruptures physical norms, dedicate time and space for movement re-education and highlight subtlety as a mighty tool. Her work is firmly situated within contemporary social contexts. It includes installations of mediated bodies, movement+media performances, and experimental films. The essential fulcrum of the work is grounded in the minds and bodies of the viewers. MegLouise develops original movements for each new piece and resist codified forms. The raw physical material is culled from ongoing research of human behavior, including empirical studies of social and experimental psychology combined with nonlinear personal explorations. She gives viewers deep access to her work through proximity and by enlisting them as co-conspirators. They experience her offerings through the interface of their  bodies.


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