Meredith Hoy

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  • ISEA2012

    Meredith Hoy, Ph.D. University of California-Berkeley, USA, 2010.


    Meredith Hoy is Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art in the Art Department at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in 2010. Her current book project, entitled From Point to Pixel: A Genealogy of Digital Aesthetics, traces links between contemporary digital art and modern painting. Drawing on theories of visuality, space and spatial practice, cybernetics and systems theory, phenomenology, and post-structuralism and semiotics, her research focuses on the impact of technology on art and visual culture.  She has written on modern and contemporary art and architecture, generative art, information visualization, and the phenomenology of networked space. She teaches courses on modern and contemporary art, visual culture, and media studies.


    Meredith Hoy University of California, Berkeley, USA.


Last Known Location:

  • Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America

Previous Location(s):

  • Tempe, Arizona, US


Role(s) at the symposia over the years: