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  • ISEA2015

    Michael Hornblow, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Concordia University Montreal, Canada. Michael is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Concordia University’s Senselab in Montreal – where he facilitated the first interdisciplinary series for Movements of Thought at Usine C; and
    further research creation events at Glasshouse, New York; Centre PHI, Montreal; and Darling Foundry for Encuentro Performance Festival. Michael has a background in Performance Art / Dance, Video / Media Art, Philosophy and Teaching. Originally from New Zealand, his Doctoral research performed intersections of the body and the built environment at RMIT’s Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory in Melbourne, Australia. He has performed and exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe, and the US. In 2012 he was Creative Director / Producer and Video Artist for Grobak Padi at Melbourne Festival 2012, and ISEA 2013 in Sydney. More recently he spent three months in Indonesia on an Asialink Residency, hosted by Sahabat Wayang Ukur in Yogyakarta.


    Melbourne-based Michael Hornblow (Australia/New Zealand), works across video, performance, art and design to explore affective relations within and between the image, the body and the constructed environment. He recently completed practice-based doctoral research in the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratary at RMIT, and has produced film/video, installation and performance works in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and Africa.

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  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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  • Melbourne, AU

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