Minke Nouwens

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    Minke Nouwens is a language artist and keen researcher of the interdisciplinary relations and collaborations between art and anthropology. She holds a BSc and MScRes in Cultural Anthropology, and a MA in research-based Fine Art. Her work has been recognized with publications in the Amsterdam Social Science Journal, and on Allegra Lab: Platform for Anthropology, Law, and Art. Additionally, she has been the recipient of various grants, such as the Summer Sessions Residency with V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media and POINTS Centre for Contem-porary Art Kunshan, and the Bernard Cultuurfonds Scholarship for rising talent. Next to her individual work, Minke actively participates in the artistic and scholarly field as an educator, and has lectured at the University of Amsterdam, Victoria University of Wellington, Master Institute of Visual Cultures | St. Joost, EASA Biennale, and Nieuw Dakota. Currently, she is a Research Fellow at the AVANS Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design, and Technology, The Netherlands.

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