Muhannad Shono

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  • ISEA2018

    From an early age, Muhannad Shono drew comics with twisted storylines and fictional worlds. His love for story-telling is still evident in his work today. Shono works with ink and paper, incorporating sculptural, animated and acoustic elements. As a naturalized Saudi citizen to Syrian parents, he addresses displacement, migration and identity in his work. During his residency at Eawag, Shono focused on the origin of bacteria, how they develop and behave. Inspired by his research, he developed his own organism which he describes as the “physical embodiment of an idea”, and the research laboratories as the ideal environment for it to thrive. Shono graduated in architecture from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals in Dharan, Saudi Arabia. He lives and works in Saudi Arabia.


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  • Saudi Arabia

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