Nina Gram

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  • ISEA2011

    Nina Gram, Department of Aesthetics and Communication, University of AarhusNina Gram’s Ph.D. project Sound Mobilisation in Urban Space focuses on the connection between sound and urban experience by examining the mobilizing abilities of the mobile sounds. Her interest is both on the sounds as such and their alleged ability to emotionally, spiritually and perhaps even physically move the listener, as well as on possible consequences created by the increasing use of mobile sound media in public space. The project is based on empirical data such as personal registrations, interviews with users of mobile sound media and the production of an iPod film portraying a bike ride through a city while listening to music. Nina is part of the research group Audio Visual Culture which examines the relation between (and the notion of) ‘the good sound’ and ‘the good experience from different perspectives’.

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  • Aarhus, Denmark

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