Nola Farman

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  • ISEA2013

    • Nola Farman is an interdisciplinary artist with a diverse practice that includes large scale public artworks, environmental works, installations including video, sound and sensors, small sculpture, drawing and artists books. Often they are participatory and need the viewer to complement the work. Farman writes and researches. Source: (21.06.2015). Nola Farman has sustained a diverse interdisciplinary practice for over 40 years. Working on both the micro and macro level, Farman’s work ranges from large-scale public art through to small sculpture, drawing and artists’ books. She often works at the intersection of art and the environment, exploring both human technologies and non-human elements (fire, air, water and earth). Her most recent sculptural installations focus on wind and solar power as external drivers of interactivity. Source:;dn=807972715838272;res=IELHSS (21.06.2015)

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