Olav Lervik

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  • ISEA2018

    Olav Lervik is from French and Norwegian descent. He studied composition in Weimar and Stuttgart and composition for film, theatre and media in Zurich. Olav Lervik produces music and sound for film, games and interactive installations. He teaches composition for film, theatre and media at the University of Arts Zurich. He has also composed numerous contemporary and electroacoustic pieces.
    Olav Lervik is also very active as an arranger. He has arranged several piano reductions of operas by Peter Eötvös and has transcribed a wide number of pieces from film scores. He took part in the restoration of the original scores from the famous movies “Metropolis”(1928) and “Nibelungen”(1926). Furthermore he worked with Don Davis on the “Matrix – Live in Concert”.


Last Known Location:

  • Zürich, Switzerland, Swiss Confederation

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