Oliver Griem

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  • ISEA2019

    Oliver Griem is a media artist who lives and works in South Korea. He is currently teaching moving-image and interactive-media at Hongik University in Seoul. In the beginning of the 90’s, while working as video editor for documentary, music-video and television he studied media-design at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne (KHM). Through his graduate work at the KHM, a documentary feature called ‘Parallel Worlds – observations in South Korea’, he got interested in South Korean culture and moved there in 1995. Then he began to also work on electronic scenography for theatre and dance performances and multi channel video installations. After 2000, he started to work with max/msp/jitter and over the years he produced several interactive works and immersive installations that use sound, video and light. An archive of his work can be seen at the website below.


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  • Korea

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