Oliver Laas

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    Oliver Laas is an artist, cultural theorist and philosopher whose research interests include metaphysics, logic, philosophy of technology, and semiotics. He currently works as assistant professor and junior researcher at the Estonian Academy of Arts, visiting lecturer in philosophy at Tallinn University and the Estonian Business School, and visiting lecturer on the video game industry at the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences. His artworks have been exhibited in the Impact International Printmaking Conference and the Tallinn Print Triennial. His recent publications include “Coordination Games and Disagreement” (in Controversies in the Modern World, eds.A. Fabris & G. Scarafile, 2019), “Instrumental Play” (in Jahrbuch Technikphilosohie: Arbeit und Spiel, eds. A. Friedrich, P. Gehring, C. Hubig, A. Kaminski & A. Nordmann, 2018), and “Questioning the Virtual Friendship Debate: Fuzzy Analogical Arguments from Classification and Definition” (Argumentation 32(1)).

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