Oscar Martin

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  • noish

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  • ISEA2022

    Oscar Martín a.k.a Noish (Winterthur 1977) is a sound artist and independent researcher based in Barcelona. His practice could be understood as a knowledge device where art, science and technology hybridize and converge in an unorthodox and experimental approach.

    From the dimension of sound, his pieces suggest motivating active listening and expanding our perception via the physical-acoustic experience of the phenomenon of emerging structures and patterns on the boundaries of chaos and order. His sound works have been published on Free Software Series, Nyapster, Drone Records and Tecnonucleo, among other labels, and presented live in Europe and Latin America. Martín is also behind the streaming platform Metamina FNR. He is co-editor of the magazine on aural culture and experimental music Ursonate Fanzine, and has also undertaken numerous workshops using open source creation tools (FLOSS) on generative systems and computer music.


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  • Barcelona, Spain

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