Pachia Lucy Vang

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  • University of California at Davis, Graduate Student

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  • ISEA2022

    Pachia’s (Puh-chee-uh) design work is informed by her experiences as a Hmong-American navigating culture, art, trauma, and society with a pluriversal imagination that speaks from Hmong-centered knowledge. She is a paj ntaub maker exploring concepts of indigeneity, diaspora, and dress through an interdisciplinary practice in textiles, fashion, digital media, and exhibition design to create place and space for marginalized communities.

    Pachia has lived and traveled in Southeast Asia and China to research the textile traditions of different Hmong/Miao groups throughout the diaspora. She has curated small exhibitions on Hmong textile traditions for HmongStory 40 (, The Traditional Arts & Ethnology Centre (, and Sacramento State University, with an upcoming 2023 exhibition at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center ( Learn more about her work with paj ntaub at


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