Patricia Cadavid Hinojosa

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  • Interface Culture Lab

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  • ISEA2022

    Patricia Cadavid is an immigrant, artist, and researcher born in Colombia. Her work looks at the relationships and effects of coloniality in new media from the migratory experience and decolonial & anti-colonial thinking.
    She works on the vindication of the memory contained in the ancestral interfaces of the Andes taken away by colonization and their connections with art, science, and technology, reusing them in new artistic processes related to sound, NIMEs, tangible live coding, and multimedia performance.
    Student at the Interface Culture Lab (Kunstuniversität Linz), she received her BFA from the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha and her MA from the Universitat Politècnica de València, multimedia &Visual arts program. Her work has been exhibited in different festivals such as Ars Electronica (Austria), ADAF (Greece), the NIME and SEAMUS conferences, and several spaces in Chile, Mexico, Spain, Germany, and Colombia.


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  • Linz, Austria

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