Patrick Henri Harrop

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  • University of Manitoba, Concordia University, CMRI, Carleton University, and McGill University, Associate Professor, Architect, and Researcher


  • ISEA2011

    Patrick Henri Harrop is an architect and associate professor of Architecture at the University of Manitoba. He currently holds the CMRI Chair in Masonry Studies and is an active researcher with CAST (Centre for Architectural Structures and Technology).  His research specialty is in Emerging technology and design with a particular emphasis in sound, electromechanical hacking, digital fabrication and contemporary theory. He currently teaches graduate studios in time based architecture, daidala strategies, contemporary theory, and advanced computer / fabrication.  Professor Harrop received his undergraduate architecture degree from Carleton University, and his post professional M.Arch degree from the History and Theory program at McGill University in Montreal. Patrick Harrop`s current work is in developing new approaches to embedded and interactive technology using abandoned infrastructures. He is currently developing work that seeks to embed interactivity into existing architectural structures. A good part of this work seeks a manifestation autopoietic systems, where immediacy and responsiveness is delayed and translated into autonomous complex behaviors and environments.


    Patrick Harrop is an associate professor of architecture at the University of Manitoba, CMRI research chair, as well as a Ph.D. candidate at Concordia University. His research/creation is in the philosophy of technology and architecture, digital fabrication, responsive environments and materials.

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  • Canada

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