Paul Woodrow

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  • [1941 – 2015]


    Paul Woodrow [1941-2015] has been involved in a variety of inter-disci­plinary and multi-media activities since the late sixties, including performance, musical events, painting and video. He was a co-founder of W.O.R.K.S., the internationally rec­ognized performance group. His more recent work consists of multi-media installations, using video projection and sound. He has exhibited extensively since the early seven­ties including the 4th St. Petersburg Biennale, Russia, where he exhibited a version of the interactive VR work, Einstein’s Brain, the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, Sweden, the Tate Gallery, London, as well as in Japan, Belgium, France, Puerto Rico, Canada, the U.S.A., and South America. Recent presentations on the developing Einstein’s Brain Project include those made at Consciousness Reframed at CAiiA, Newport Wales, and at the First International Conference on Virtual Reality in Valencia, Spain. He has been the recipient of many awards including grants from the Canada Council. He currently teaches Art Theory and Studio at the University of Calgary.

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  • Calgary, Canada

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  • GB

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