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    Peter Ireland is a founder member, performer, video maker and designer with VOID: Performance. He has practiced as an architect in England since 1986 after qualifying at Oxford School of Architecture. He has developed the new VOID: Projects, with which he works in the areas of architecture, graphics, animation and website design. Conference presentations include: SIGGRAPH 96, New Orleans, U.S.A. — Paper, A room for Robots; Art & Technology conference, Exeter, UK, 1995 — Room for Robots installation. VOID: Performance is a UK based theatre company which works extensively with emerging technology. The company was founded in the late 80’s by a group of performers and artists in various media with a shared interest in science fiction and the dynamics of live performance. Since being dubbed “maverick visionaries” by the Sunday Times in 1991, the company has won a wide following. Robots, CCTV, video, telephones, faxes, and computers have shared the space with performers in a series of VOID events at venues ranging from college studios to large theatres, and from a derelict Gothic mansion to an architect’s office. Recent productions have drawn on the classic theatre texts of Ibsen, Marlowe, and Wilde, using new and old technologies alongside performance to shed new light on familiar stories, putting ancient myths into contemporary and future contexts.

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