Pierre Cassou-Noguès

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  • ISEA2016

    Professor in the Philosophy Department of University Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint Denis. He has been co-organizing the project “The Digital Subject” at the Labex Arts-H2H. He is co-editor of the journal SubStance (Univ Wisconsin Press). His work concerns philosophy in France in the 20th and 21th centuries, and the relationship between science, technology and fiction. He develops a critical perspective which puts emphasis on the role of literary imagination in various branches of science and technology. His book, Les rêves cybernétiques de Norbert Wiener (Seuil, 2014) reconstructs cybernetics and Norbert Wiener’s dilemmas from an unpublished short story found in Norbert Wiener’s archives. Pierre Cassou- Noguès also uses fiction to develop a speculative philosophy, concerning topics on the margins of technology: our possible bodies; wasted time, with and without Internet (La mélodie du tic-tac, Flammarion 2013); more recently the sea side (Métaphysique d’un bord de mer, Cerf, 2016).

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  • France


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