Pink Twins

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  • ISEA2004

    Pink Twins is a duo of musicians and video artists, brothers Juha and Vesa Vehviläinen from Helsinki, Finland. Active since 1997, Pink Twins have displayed their video works and played their music to audiences in Europe and Asia, in festivals, art spaces, clubs, churches and outdoor events. Mostly created with self-made software, Pink Twins’ video works are abstract and painterly, from formal compositions to extremely fast shapeless pixelstorms. Music of Pink Twins, based on improvisation and the brothers’ symbiotic collaboration, is a chaotic whole of intense soundbursts, melodies and infinitely detailed sounds. In their concerts Pink Twins create a constantly changing multilayered wall of sound and aim for a physical, mental and spatial experience. The live music is normally accompanied by video projections. During 2005 and 2006 Pink Twins have performed actively in Europa and Asia. Most notable performances have been the Venice Biennale Music Festival and a tour in China. Pink Twins also had several solo and group exhibitions, for example in Sweden, Luxemburg, China and Mongolia. Pink Twins have released five CDs on their own label Pink Twins Media.


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