Rachel O’Dwyer

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    Rachel O’Dwyer. I’m the founder and Editor in Chief of Interference a Journal of Audio Culture,  Co-organiser of the Dublin Art and Technology Assocation Data 2.0 www.data.ie. A Lecturer in Interactive Digital Media in Trinity College Dublin and a researcher in the Department of Engineering in Trinity College Dublin. My research explores the political economy of mobile networks and is funded by the Irish Research Council for Science Engineering and Technology. My research interests include sound studies, network culture, software studies, autonmist marxism, mobile and wireless networks, spectrum policy, political economy of communications, art and technology, free culture and open source and tactical media.


    Rachel O’Dwyer is a researcher in Trinity College Dublin, IE, undertaking a Ph.D. in mobile media distribution funded by IRCSET. She has published essays and book chapters on mobile music and is currently launching ‘Interference’, an online journal of audio culture.

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  • Ireland

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