Rafal Zapala

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    Rafal Zapala contemporary, theatre music composer / .improviser – piano, drums and live elctronics [many projects of contemporary, improvised, electronic music, avant-pop, and others] / .founder of polish contemporary music ensemble an_ARCHE NewMusicEnsemble, and an_ARCHE foundation / . graduated Music Academy in Poznan twice: conducting class and composition class / .Ph.D. study at Academy of Music in Krakow [composition: integration of acoustic and electronic timbre] / .participant of Karlheinz Stockhausen Concerts and Courses – Kurten2008 / .participant of Acanthes 2010 Courses [Metz, Centre Pompidou] with IRCAM and Tristan Murail and Beat Furrer / .assistant in Composition Department ( computer music technology, sound design) and employee of Electroacoustic Music Studio in Music Academy in Poznan, Poland / .teacher in The University of Arts in Poznan / . member of PSEME.

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