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  • ISEA2002

    Raimo Uunila, director, editor, photographer; born in Raahe 1965, lives and works in Porvoo, Finland. He studied in Lahti Institute of Design 1986-1990 and in multimedia courses in San Francisco 1991 and he took AVID-course in 1998. He has operated widely as a director, video photographer and editor. He has participated in several video and &-productions and directed and produced his own films. He also lectures in colleges and schools on video and film technique. Uunila’s work has been seen around the world in festivals,.tv-channels and art museums.
    Uunila’s works have participated in festivals in several countries all over the world, e.g. France, united Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Gtonia, USA, Canada, Japan awards: Cidade de Vigo ’95, prize with Signals, AV-Biennale Grand Prix with ShadoBoxing, first prize in FF-mediafestival in video category, Rovaniemi, Finland with Contra short film
    Contra, video installation, premiere 1.3.2001 at KIASMA, Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki, Finland Shadow Boxing 1988, nonstop installation, direction, script and editing Domino, 1989 installation for two highbeam, direction, script, camera and editing LE VlN HERB 1989, F. Martin’s oratorio, PAOS, 1990 videowork and videoinstallation, direction, script and editing (8′) PAIN, 1991 nonstop video installation for 6 monitors. SKI JUMP SIMULATOR, Lahti City presentation in Sevilla EXPO, Spain 1992. multimedia – interactive work, camera and editing. 0, 1993 Jari Aalto-Set; ilB’s videoinstallation, editing (3 X 4′) Y” installation, script, camera and editing, 1995. As a Matter of Fat, 1998, intallation, direction Pekka Niskanen, camera and editing MAIN AUDIOVISUAL PROJECTS AND PRODUCTIONS IN 1991 -2001: BARCAROLA, documentary, direction Antonia Ringbom, editing, 2001 PASSAGE, animation, direction Milla Moilanen, camera, 2001 CONTRA, short fiction, video installation, direction 00-01 Northern Images, documentary, direction M. Flink, camera and editing, 1999 Continuum, dancevideo by Marikki Hakola, camera and editing, 1999 Wanted, animation by Milla Moilanen, editing, 1998 TRIAD, interactive dance performance and a web site on the Internet, direction Marikki Hakola, editing and electronic setting, 1998 KIKO-traveller is my name, drama documentary by M. Tarkka, camera and editing, 1998 Inner Steps, dance video by Kiti Luostarinen, camera and editing, 1998 Pre Kalwala, drama documentary, codirection with R. Poulsen, 1997.

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