Reinhard Kaiser

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  • ISEA1997

    Born 1950 in Viersen (Rhineland, Germany). Novelist, essay­ist, translator of English and French fiction and non-fiction. Studied German language and literature, sociology and phi­losophy in Berlin, Paris, Cologne and Frankfurt. Lives in
    Frankfurt. Among the authors whose books he translated are: Richard Sennett, Barbara Tuchman, Neil Postman, Isaiah Berlin, Groucho Marx, Irene Dische, Anne Tyler, Sam
    Shepard, Georges Duby, Vivant Denon and “Walter: His first novel was Der kalte Sommer des Doktor Polidor (1991). Two rather different new books by him were published in 1996—one which took him five years (Koenigskinder. Eine wahre Liebe) and one which took him five months (Literarische Spaziergaenge im Internet. Buecher and Bibliotheken online).

Last Known Location:

  • Viersen, Rhineland, DE


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