Richard Pierre-Davis

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    Richard Pierre-Davis, UK, was expelled from his last year of school before taking his final exams in 1981. After a series of odd jobs, he took a course in Video Production at Lambeth Video, Brixton, London. From here he went to Cable London, where he worked for two years on the open access Community Channel. During this time, he made TV documentaries on the London Film Festival and on Chow Yung Fat, star of Hong Kong gangster movies, adapting to the methods of guerrilla TV and video production. He teamed up with a TV presenter, DJ Elyane, to produce a pilot music program and tour, and managed R’n’B group Johvan for two years. Over the last six years, Richard has also developed a video archive of London’s Notting Hill Carnival. Recently, he took a course in multimedia produc­tion at Artec in London. The course included work at approximately eight multimedia exhibitions and work with Flabbergasted, a company that supplies sound for such multimedia productions as Microsoft’s encyclopedia Encarta, Darling Kindersley’s information titles, the Multimedia 96 show CD-ROM, and others. This was fol­lowed by three month’s placement spent as producer on Harwood’s Rehearsal of Memory.

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