Rik Lander

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  • ISEA2020

    Rik Lander is a maker of participatory events where audience members have a role within and agency over the narrative. He began his art career as half of the 1980 video art pioneers, the Duvet Brothers (1984-88). Their work was known as scratch video and took the form of film or TV footage re-edited to subvert its original meaning. Since then he has built a series of interactive artworks, installations and narratives including one of the UK’s first web dramas, magic-tree (2001) and The Memory Dealer (2010-13). Currently Rik designs and builds conversational systems with Elzware. This includes I am Echoborg (2016-20). He teaches part-time at the University of the West of England where he leads a cross-disciplinary research team (FUSE – From Utility to Social Entity) exploring how different “behaviors” expressed by a relational agent alter the perceptions of its users, in this case NHS nurses.


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  • United Kingdom

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