Roger Haigh Mills

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    Roger Haigh Mills is an international musician, sound artist and writer whose practice and research focuses on networked improvisation, sound installation and experimental radio. Credits include a Golden Eye award for contrapuntal radio performance Idea of South (Sydney), score for BAFTA award winning dance performance At Swim Two Boys (Earthfall, UK) and album production and performances with award winning Turkish singer Mircan Kaya. He is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Technology, Sydney researching intercultural cognition and engagement in tele-musical improvisation, where he also lectures in sound and music design. Paper presentation Ethernet Orchestra: Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Interaction in Networked Improvisatory Performance focuses on perception and cogntion in telematic cross-culural audiovisual improvisation. Ethernet Orchestra is a cross-cultural  telematic musical ensemble who improvise live electroacoustic music on the Internet and at collocated gallery, events. Collaborations involve a diverse group of international instrumentalists who performe an array of instruments including Turkish oud, bendir, Mongolian horse fiddle and throat singing, guitar, processed trumpet, MAX/Msp electronic manipulations and voice. As a research project, it is an investigation of intercultural networked improvisation, examining cognition, cross-cultural collaboration and learning in networked audio platforms. The ensemble also perform with networked live cinema artists, and the recent Distant Presences performances are the focus of my paper presentation. Through the praxis of diverse cultures in collaboration, it is hoped that new approaches to tele-musical improvisation will be given the space and time to develop in a framework of innovation and experimentation.




    Roger Mills is a lecturer at UTS and a musician, sound artist and writer whose practice and research focuses on improvisation, networked music, sound installation and experimental radio. He is founder of the networked music ensemble Ethernet Orchestra, which informs his research into telematic sound and intercultural interaction in networked improvisatory performance. Roger is currently undertaking a doctorate at the University of?Technology, where he also lectures in media arts production and sound and music design. International performance and exhibition credits includes a Golden Eye award for contrapuntal radio performance Idea of South (Sydney) 2008, score for BAFTA award winning dance performance, At Swim Two Boys, Earthfall, UK, The International Theatre Soundscore and Music Composition, Prague Quadrennial 2011, and From Gormley to Gaga: Exhibition of British Theatre and Sound Design, V&A museum London, 2012.

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