Ryan Jordan


  • City University Hong Kong and School of Creative Media



  • Ryan Jordan is an electronic noise artist whose work explores noise and a literal approach to DIY electronics. Recent projects include the creation of crude amplifiers, transistors, diodes and solar cells constructed with raw metals and mineral ores to generate sound and music. He is currently working on the construction of magnetic audio tape using specific minerals naturally occurring in the earth. Another aspect of Jordan’s work is the focus on the human psyche and cognition and how we are connected to and experience the world and technology.

    These concepts are put into practice through his live performances which combine his self built devices with the use of high powered strobe lights in attempts to create powerful hallucinations. Jordan also runs NNNNN / noise=noise, an experimental noise research laboratory and live performance platform operating as an open place for people to experiment with electronic music and art. The aim of this project is to disseminate knowledge and to act as an informal, alternative and autonomous network enabling people to create and express themselves via technology and experimental audiovisual arts.