Sander Veenhof

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  • ISEA2011

    Sander Veenhof. I’m an Amsterdam based artist (NL, 1973) with a hybrid background in computer science and media art, graduating at the ‘instable media’ department Gerrit Rietveld Academy. In my work I focus on the connections between beings in whatever form. Most often my (participative) audience consists of people, but I have been developing multi-touch screens for plants for a while, trying to find out the qualities of plants as a new audience for interactive media, since humans nowadays seem to be too restless and too busy as creators themselves, to properly be an audience. Which is not a problem. I facilitate the upgrade of the people formerly known as audience into a creatively active crowd. I try to let a new creative sphere appear where there wasn’t one before, sometimes in abstract ways, on a meta-level. Either because it comes to existence as the newly made connections between nodes, or it appears truly virtual, as an augmented reality manifestation. I then continue to explore the new opportunities and possibilities of the domains I bring into existence.

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  • Amsterdam, Netherlands the

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