Sara Ludy

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  • [ISEA2015]

    Vancouver-based collective WALLPAPERS (Nicolas Sassoon, Sara Ludy and Sylvain Sailly)


    My practice weaves the everyday into natural and simulated forms through various mediums including animation, 3d, virtual reality, AI, the internet, blockchains, video, sound, installation, painting, sculpture, photography, performance, and expanded media. I combine and collapse mediums to create hybrid forms such as a photo becoming a 3d object, or a 3d object becoming a painting. Through a process of transforming and transcending material boundaries, these forms reflect a world where many physical and virtual boundaries have collapsed.

    No matter the material or form of the work, there is an energy I often seek; an embedded tension and reflection of being in a post-digital world. It’s hyperreal and unstable, uncanny and familiar, sublime and mundane. I experiment with materials to find new forms of this energy through automatic and conceptual processes. The automatic side approaches materials in an experimental and intuitive way, free from any conditions. The conceptual side approaches ideas through philosophical and cosmological contemplations on the way we inhabit space and time.

    I’ve been making art with computers for 25 years. I make art because it’s the most natural way for me to understand fundamental aspects of being and what it means to be alive on our planet. I’m interested in the nature and aesthetics of immateriality; visions, dreams, memories, consciousness, and using digital tools to get closer to their materiality. I make work that relates to my knowledge and experience of these things. [added in 2023]

Last Known Location:

  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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