Sarah Jane Pell

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    • Sarah Jane Pell is an artist, researcher, public speaker and author. She is also an ADAS Occupational Diver with over 500 hours commercial dives logged – spent mostly in zero visibility imagining she was on an artist-in-space residency. Sarah established the ARTi Aquabatics Research Team initiative in 2002 as an interdisciplinary platform to explore long-duration human-underwater interactions with the intention to devise novel human-factors feedback and bio-tech-aquatic technologies for human-ocean and space exploration, and inspire new forms of art. Her artworks explore the body, psyche and the depths of interactions with the natural world – usually underwater. Pieces such as ‘Hydrophilia’ and ‘Undercurrent’ directly reference her diving and experience in extreme environments, with interwoven ideas of speculative fiction and Da Vinci-inspired technologies such as a dual re-breather of ‘Interdepend’ and the improbable life-support system of ‘Odyssey’ in live laboratory-style installations and durational performances echoing space analogue themes. Pell graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Art (Drawing) at the Victorian College of the Arts. She holds a Masters in Human Performance and PhD proposing ‘Aquabatics as new works of Live Art’ awarded Best PhD (Art & Science) by Leonardo LABS, MIT 2006. She is also a graduate of the Singularity University and the first artist alumna of the International Space University. Dr. Pell is currently appointed to the Standards Australia Committee SF-017 Occupational Diving; Co-Chair of the European Space Agency Topical Team Arts; and RMIT University Visiting Research Fellow. Dr. Pell is Official Crew (Aquanaut & Expedition Artist) of the Atlantica Expeditions Undersea Habitat Mission and a TED Fellow.
    • Sarah Jane Pell, Australia, European Space Agency, Topical Team Arts & Science


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