Scott M. Tyson

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    Scott M. Tyson, US, Author of The Unobservable Universe. Scott M. Tyson has devoted much of his 31-year career to developing new technological approaches at IBM’s VLSI Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratories. Long recognized as a pioneering problem-solver and “big picture” futurist, he served as an advisor to the Office of the Secretary of Defense on space computing technology development and planning. Tyson’s landmark innovations have accelerated the advancement of space electronic solutions while distinguishing him as a change agent in his field. He has fifteen patents in space technology and multiple awards—including a 2011 “Who’s Who in Technology” award recognizing him as a key leader of scientific innovations in New Mexico’s technology sphere. His work continues to have a profound impact on the way scientists and laymen alike view themselves and the world around them.


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