Sebastián Seifert

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    Sebastián Seifert is a multimedia artist, designer and music producer. He has lived and worked in Barcelona since 2002. His career has developed at interdisciplinary points of convergence, maintaining digital electronic poetics as the support, concept and format of his productions. He has an International Master’s Degree in Media and Interactive Systems at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and ESDI (2002) and the Design, Image and Sound Career at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).
    In the field of media art, he has developed net-art projects, interactive installations and multimedia performances, serving as curator of these languages ​​at the «la Caixa» Foundation (Barcelona) from 2003 to 2011. With the audiovisual project “Microfeel ”, the artist highlights his transdisciplinary vocation, creating worlds that combine visuals and sound. He has taken his audiovisual concert to festivals like MUTEK (ES/AR/MX), SONAR, SZIGET, CTM, FILE and AMURAL, among others.


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  • Barcelona, Spain

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