Seiko Mikami

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  • ISEA2010

    Seiko Mikami is an artist living and working in Tokyo. She has been showing large-scale installations themed on information society and the human body since the 1980’s. Since
    the nineties most of her works have been interactive media art installations incorporating human perception, such as the eye tracking project Molecular Informatics at Canon ARTLAB, the acoustic sense and inner body sound project in ICC’s permanent collection, and gravicells, on the theme of the gravity, ‘the sixth sense,’ at YCAM. Her works have been professorexhibited at many galleries in Europe and the USA, including the Miro Museum in Spain, Musée des Beaux Arts de Nantes, and Kulturhuset in Sweden. She has also exhibited work at media art festivals around the world – DEAF in Rotterdam, transmediale in Berlin, the SHARE FESTIVAL, Italy, Ars Electronica Linz, MoisMulti, Quebec, the Digital Culture Festival, UK, and many others. Mikami is currently Professor of Media Art at Tama Art University. Tokyo, Japan.

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  • Tokyo, JP

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