Shady El Noshokaty

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  • ISEA2014

    Shady El Noshokaty is a contemporary Egyptian artist whose projects were featured in many established contemporary art museums and international exhibitions around the world like Venice Biennale, Heyward Gallery, Mori museum, Kunst museum in Stockholm, Bochum, Institute de mound de Arab and many others. He also works as an associate professor and director of the visual arts program in the Departments of the Arts at The American University in Cairo. He was an executive curator for Ahmed Basiony’s Art project, 30 Days Running in the Place, for the Egyptian pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennale.El Noshokaty has also played an undeniable role in the field of art education in Egypt for the last decade. In 2010 he established ASCII – Foundation for contemporary art education – aimed to educate and develop young thinkers and researchers into new and alternative media practices and visual creativity.


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  • Egypt

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