Shane Fahey

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  • ISEA2013

    Shane Fahey was part of the emerging electronic & industrial music scene in Sydney. He played and recorded in The Makers of The Dead Travel Fast from 1979-82 and then Scattered Order from 1982-84 on legendary post-punk label M Squared.  In 1984 he and Rik Rue co-founded Social Interiors who released 3 cassettes of cut-up, turntables and environmental recordings on Pedestrian Tapes. They continued crafting their aural narratives soundscapes in the 1990s with Julian Knowles, releasing 3 CD albums on Extreme & 1 CD album on Endgame. Shane’s background in acoustic design and sound engineering has evolved into composition and sound design work for installation, theatre and performance art works for various musicians, performance artists, video makers & composers – including Jamie Fielding, Sherri Delys, Machine For Making Sense, Tess de Quincey, Linda Wallace (Machine Hunger), Internalised Cities, Andree Greenwell, Virginia Hilyard, Tegan Northwood and Honi Ryan. His solo works The Slated Pines (Endgame – 2010) and Twin Korg: Water Drip Code (IceAge Productions – 2012) are experimental albums using field recordings, samples and routing C.V. analogue synthesisers with an emphasis on the stereophonic image of the source sound field.

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