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  • ISEA1994:

    Shriekback started life in London in the year 1981 and received much critical acclaim for their innovative smeltdown of dance rhythms, reggae sound perspectives and bizarre wordplay. In 88 Shriekback collapsed for a while coming back together in 92 to record “Sacred City”. Their new formation being a rich loam in which the Shriek aesthetic could flourish and sprout new cultural hybrids. This 1994 band hailed by many as Shriekback’s best incarnation yet is an entirely unique live event. The music is groove-based feral post-post modern rock ‘n roll, Cyber-Folk , featuring an unprecedented collision of such instruments as Saz, Harming tree, Cumbus, Didgeridoo and Reco-reco – “post apocalyptic music that you could play after the apocalypse.”


Role(s) at the symposia over the years: